About Forkinit

Why another recipe site?

Forkinit was started in mid-2009 as the result of frustrations with existing recipe sites. Too many ads, too little (or no) personalization, disorganization and poor information frustrated us (and our wives).

We want Forkinit to be different. It's about your recipes, the recipes of your friends and the recipes you don't even know you want to eat yet. It's about making those recipes easy to create, easy to change and useful. It's about not suffering through so many ads you can't tell where the recipe is. And it's about bringing the fun back to cooking online.

Who made Forkinit?

Why, we did. Which is to say that Forkinit is the creation of Pragmatic Badger, a purveyor of fine Internet bits. Two developers and a designer at the geographic center of the continental US.

How are you guys going to make money?

We're not going to lie, it costs money to run Forkinit. But what we don't want is a polluted mess of ads drowning out the important things on the site.

We've started this gently, with affiliate links to Amazon. We have other plans, such as premium accounts, in the works. We'll do our best to maintain a balance no matter what we do.

Send us your comments, suggestions or bug reports!