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This has been a very exciting week for us, as we're now officially launched! We've taken away all the beta aspects of the site and now anyone can signup for the site!

This also means that the world can see your recipes, so feel free to share with anyone/everyone! We've added a new sharing feature that lets you enter someone's e-mail address to pass a recipe along. You can also share the recipes via Twitter, Facebook and a new short URL (like

You may have noticed a couple other changes around here in the last week. The site got an overall look/feel upgrade and a shiny new logo. We're still polishing but pretty pleased thus far. And the logo looks great on t-shirts...

As usual, we've also fixed a couple bugs:

  • The fork history now works regardless of which browser you're using.
  • Fixed recipes being duplicated in the "All Recipes" area.
  • Fixed the message when you get followed by someone else.
  • Added About, Pricing & Contact pages.

However, we're not about to rest on our laurels. We've got plenty to do and will be rolling out new things as we finish them. If you were a beta user, we'll be continuing to push new things to you first (and will soon be adding the ability to choose if you wish to continue being a beta user).

Thanks so much for using Forkinit! Feedback is always welcome!

Happy Cooking!
The Forkinit Team

Posted on February 24, 2010 @ 12:00:00 by matt

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