New Feature Tuesday!

The big new feature this week is the addition of "fork history". We've wanted a way to show the "family tree" of a recipe since we first started thinking about the site. This is available on every recipe. We have more improvements planned for it, but it's the start of what we want.

  • Added fork history.
  • Added search history. You'll find a list of recent searches in the sidebar. We also have recent/popular searches hooked up in the main search area and have trending stats at &
  • The activity on your dashboard no longer shows duplicates if the same thing was done multiple times (like refreshing a recipe).
  • It takes us a little bit to process recipes when they're created or forked. We're disabling those buttons on submission to prevent duplicates from being created.
  • Fixed a bug where "followed" links in the activity areas would go to the wrong place.
  • Fixed a bug where it appeared that you could have "-1 previous edits". Thanks for the report, Jeff!

We also have two more features nearly complete, some major infrastructure work related to tags and some visual changes coming down the pipe.

Posted on February 3, 2010 @ 1:33:52 by daniel

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