Comments are gone and the site is faster!

This week was a bit of a catch-up week for us. Lots of small fixes in preparation for some bigger features and some changes based on feedback.

  • We've removed comments from the bottom of recipe pages for now. We definitely want to foster interaction and collaboration but it just didn't feel right.
  • The site should be a lot more responsive when you do things like save a recipe. We're now queueing up updates for our search index instead of doing that at save time. Under the hood, we're using queued_search to make the site go faster.
  • We removed some useless elements from the print view such as the share form.
  • You'll now get a notification when someone adds you as a contact. You'll also be able to see when you follow someone in your activity stream.
  • We've begun preparations for opening up the site for everyone. There's a lot of work to do there but we're making solid progress too:
    • We made sure the site is viewable by users who aren't logged in, even though that's not possible yet.
    • We also did some system administration work to make sure that things are good and stable.
  • We removed step numbers from instructions but still have some work to do there.
  • We added yields and prep time to the recipe display page. Whoops!

Posted on January 20, 2010 @ 2:30:00 by matt

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