More Work Under The Hood

We've made some big changes under the hood tonight, especially to how we deploy new code to the server (so very much faster and consistent!). This shouldn't impact anyone, but if you notice some portion of the site isn't working for you, please give us a heads up. This is a pretty big change and there's a chance we overlooked something in the process.

Additionally, we've got a couple bugfixes that have made their way out.

  • The initial snapshot of a recipe will now include all ingredients/instructions.
  • If something isn't filled out in a snapshot (i.e. no source information), we no longer clutter the screen with an empty field.
  • There's a new button on the "Add recipe" screen, which allows you to add the recipe and return to the add screen to enter another. Very useful when entering a lot of recipes.

We'll have more coming on the typical "New Stuff Tuesday" but we wanted to get this out the door during a slow time.

Posted on January 25, 2010 @ 1:10:57 by daniel

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