Bugs squashed!

You might have noticed but we've been sending out more invites for the site this week and have a new batch of users. Welcome! We've been paying close attention to your feedback and bug reports and have prepared a bunch of tasty bugfixes for you:

  • Added preparation time to recipes.
  • Added RSS feeds for latest news and recent recipes.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing a recently added friends to not show up in the list of friends to share a recipe with. There's still a slight delay for performance but it should be a lot quicker to pick up new friends.
  • You can only delete tags on your own recipes.
  • Corrected user profile URLs in your activity stream.
  • Fixed a bug with the inbox when you have more than one copy of the same recipe.
  • Added a pre-populated search box to our "Not Here!" page to help findability.
  • The cancel button on the remove tag page works now. Yay!
  • We're actually thumbnailing avatars to 50x50 now instead of sizing them down with CSS. We also added some guidance as to what size avatars should be (200x200).
  • Added a few recipes and a link to more recipes on the tag search page.
  • We started working on views for most popular and recently added recipes.

We're continuing to work on a lot of new features that we think you'll like but have our ear to the ground as well. Many thanks to julia, webology, sarah, scott, travis and everyone else who has submitted feedback through the form on the bottom of the page or directly to one of the Badgers. Please keep the feedback coming!

Posted on January 6, 2010 @ 2:00:00 by matt

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