Faster, Export and the Shop!

This week saw a boost in speed, the ability to export your recipes and the addition of The Shop, along with the usual smattering of bugfixes.


We heard the pleas for quicker pageloads and made some performance enhancements to Forkinit. For the curious, we were previously running with next to no caching on a small server. We upped the size on the server and dropped a little bit of caching in several places on the site. We've already seen 50-75% drops in page load time, which was encouraging.


Newly on everyone's dashboard is an "export" link. Clicking on that link will allow you to download a file of all of your recipes on Forkinit. Each person only has access to their own recipes. The export file is comma-delimited, which Excel can read just fine.

It's important to us that your recipes be your own, and that includes not locking you in to Forkinit. Further, it's a great way to make sure that no matter what happens to us, you've got your recipes.

The Shop

We've also added The Shop to Forkinit. Currently, it's strictly product recommendations, things we own and find useful. They should be a little intelligent and pertain to the recipe you're looking at. There isn't a ton there right now, but we intend to add to it over time.

Disclaimer: They are currently all Amazon affiliate links, which means we get a small kickback if you purchase them after clicking those links. Our goal is for Forkinit to at least pay for itself, and this feels a lot less intrusive to us than ads for the moment.

Posted on March 3, 2010 @ 2:10:54 by daniel

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