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  • Margaret Keisling

    Lady's Brown Sugar Shortbread

    Butter, Oleo, Lt. Brown Sugar, Sifted Flour, Salt

    Tagged: tea, cookie, children, shortbread

    Lady discovered that they freeze pretty well... but they'll keep just fine in a cookie tin or air-tight container. This is fun to do with ...

  • Margaret Keisling

    Breakfast Take Alongs

    butter or margarine, sugar, egg, vanilla, flour or 1/2 flour and 1/4 cup Shaklee instant protein, soda, salt, oatmeal, old fashioned, uncooked, (4 oz) shredded Cheddar cheese, wheat germ or finely chopped nuts, crisply cooked bacon slices, crumbled

    Tagged: cookie, breakfast;, protein, snack;

    Crisp cookies made with bacon and cheese;high in protein and good nutrition

  • Margaret Keisling
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    Stargazer Pie

    Chocolate chip cookie dough. (The original recipe called for the refrigerated stuff, but I used a little over half a batch of homemade)

    Tagged: creamcheese, brownie, cake, cookie, pie

    No idea why it's called this. But it may become my new favorite dessert. The chocolate cheesecake layer alone was enough to make it memorable...

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