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Ghirardelli Fudgesicles

A recipe sure to please everyone in the family. With less than 5 carbs per serving,this recipe was designed to accommodate diabetics and those working with a candida (low carb/sugar) diet. They are also a great source of healthy sustained energy for kids as well, and they taste great! They have been a big hit with my family and friends (even the non-dieting ones). Variations on this recipe coming soon!


  • ¼ c Coconut Oil (I used Spectrum Brand expeller pressed, organic coconut oil)
  • 2 NOW brand Soy Lecithin capsules
  • 3 tbsp Ghirardelli's 100% all Natural Cocoa Powder (DO NOT use Dutch processed/alkali rinsed cocoas. They don't taste as good, and the processing strips some of the nutrients out of the cocoa)
  • tsp Stevia, powdered (look at ingredients and make sure you get only Stevia, or Stevia with inulin fiber, it feeds good stomach probiotics)
  • 1 tsp Vanilla
  • ¼ c all natural smooth Peanut Butter (I chose one with 2g sugar, and 7g carbs, it had more fiber and less sodium than others)
  • 1 c plain unsweetened Soy Milk (preferably organic)


  1. Melt coconut oil in medium-size saucepan; turn off heat

  2. Set 2 lecithin capsules in a small dish of HOT tap water; as lecithin begins seeping from capsule, add to the coconut oil by squeezing capsules (This can get messy, but I haven't found another way to do this. To get lecithin off hands, I immediately squirt hand/dish soap on hands, rub vigorously, and rinse)

  3. Whisk in cocoa, stevia, vanilla

  4. Mix in peanut butter

  5. Slowly add soy milk; if it is not mixing in well, put pan back on low heat. Continue stirring until all is smoothly mixed in.

  6. Once mixture is cooled, pour into popsicle mold. (I used 2oz molds)

  7. Freeze approximately 2 hours. They should feel 'rock' solid when ready.

  8. Enjoy!

  9. *9. If I want to make large quantities, I will take the fudgesicles out of molds, wrap them in parchment paper, place them in a ziploc bag, and use the molds for the next batch. :)

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