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  • Sarah Gillary

    Chicken Stock

    3# chicken wings, backs, or other bones, (I often use leg quarters.), medium veal knuckle (I am still looking for this.), water, large onions, peeled and cut in half, large carrots, scrubbed and cut into large rings, medium leeks, carefully washed and cut into large rings, Several large shallots, peeled but left whole, large bay leaf, parsley sprigs, large ribs celery with tops, broken into large pieces, dried thyme

    Tagged: soup, stock

    Excellent to have on hand when needing broth.

  • Sarah Gillary

    Beef Stock

    5# mixed beef and veal bones, large carrots, scrubbed, large celery ribs, cleaned, large onions, cut in half, Water, tomato paste, parsley sprigs, leaf thyme, peppercorns, medium garlic cloves, crushed

    Tagged: stock, Beef

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