What's Cooking?

We like transparency and think offering some insight as to what's going on at Forkinit HQ would be fun. So this is a list of the big features we're working on.

Well Done A feature that's now in the wild.


  • Chefs: Daniel, Matt
  • For: Free accounts get read access. Paid accounts get full read/write.

Enable programmatic access to the data on the site.

In the oven Active development. Deploying within the next couple weeks.

Community dashboard

  • Chefs: Matt, Xian
  • For: Free + Paid accounts

A visible way to see a broad view of what's happening on the site.

On the cutting board Initial groundwork. Not being deployed for some time.

Recipe actions

  • Chefs: Daniel, Xian
  • For: Free + Paid accounts.

A way to mark recipes as wanting to make or having made them and if you want to make them again.

In the kitchen

  • Chefs: Xian, Matt, Daniel
  • For: Free accounts will get a subset of these. Paid accounts get access to all variants.

A variety of ways to easily view recipes in the kitchen while cooking.

Back burner Planned but no active development yet.

Meal/menu planner

  • Chefs: Xian, Daniel, Matt
  • For: Paid accounts.

A convenient way to establish meals for the week.

Recipe collections

  • Chefs: Xian, Matt, Daniel
  • For: Paid accounts.

Curated collections of recipes.

Embeddable recipes

  • Chefs: Xian, Daniel
  • For: Free + Paid accounts.

Allow recipes to be displayed on other websites.

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