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Hot Beef & Coconut Curry

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Forkinit helps you keep all of your recipes in one spot. You categorize your recipes the way that fits you. And our fast, accurate search lets you find your recipe easily and makes finding new recipes from others a breeze.

Easily add to your recipes with a single click!

Make It Your Own

Any recipe on the site can become your recipe with a single click. When you click "Add to my recipe box", you get your own fully-editable version of the recipe. Forkinit collects all variants of a recipe together and lets you check out what others have done.

Full history for all recipes

Risk-Free Editing

Sometimes a fantastic sounding recipe doesn't turn out quite right. Rather than trying to remember how you've changed it, Forkinit lets you easily fix the recipe and tracks all changes, so tweak away!

Sharing a recipe is simple and convenient!

Easy Sharing

What's better than a great recipe? Letting your friends & family in on your tasty dish. Forkinit makes it easy to send recipes along, and if you send it to someone new, they get a free account along with their own copy of your recipe!

Each recipe has additional recipe suggestions.


Finding interesting new recipes is a snap. You can search, browse by tag and see recent additions. Forkinit also suggests other recipes you might like based on the current recipe you're looking at.

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